Let The New Year Begin

I no longer make New Year's resolutions but I do have a word for the year. I usually pray about it and ask God for what he wants me to work on. I look for different types of confirmation. And it's usually a word I don't like :)

My word for this year you ask :) anti procrastination and this will be a tough one for me. I procrastinate even when I should be doing something that is good for me.

Have you made a vision board yet for the new year? Here is mine.

This year I want to be a warrior and forge my sword to defend myself. I have one major issue in my life that I can't seem to overcome but I want to and I will it's spiritual warfare time!

Five Basic Rules of Spiritual Warfare

1. Never, ever enter into a dialogue with the devil on his terms.

2. Never,ever entertain devilish thoughts about God's goodness.

3. Never, ever feel that you need to defend God.

4. Never, ever deny God's Word!

5. Never ever doubt God's motives.

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